Wild Muskoka Botanicals is the producer of artisan wild foods and cocktail mixers. Our ingredients are locally foraged in a sustainable manner, and then hand-produced on a small scale in an effort to maintain our focus on providing high quality products made with ecological integrity. Wild Muskoka Botanicals is based out of our health certified production kitchen and Wild Spirit Permaculture Homestead on the western edge of Algonquin Park. It exists to reconnect people with the natural world and to promote health and wellness through incorporating wild plants and traditional herbal medicines back into people’s modern lives.

Our products are produced at our own health certified kitchen in Dwight, Ontario, Canada. We also deliver high quality wild foraging and basic herbal preparation workshops throughout Ontario. Laura has over 15 years of experience providing classes and plant walks for various wilderness survival schools, outdoor centers, colleges and other community groups. To learn more reach out via our Contact Us


Laura Gilmour - Founder, Forager, Kitchen Witch

Laura (her/her) is a homesteader, forager, herbalist and the business owner living near Dwight, Ontario. Her feral rural upbringing allowed her to develop a natural curiosity and passion for nature from a young age. Laura formally studied ecology, and later went on to pursue sustainable living by working on several Permaculture farms and with herbalists on the west coast. Laura has a passion for traditional living skills and has spent years learning primitive arts such as basket making, traditional hide tanning, and friction fire making. She is also a strong naturalist with several years’ experience as an ecological consultant. For over 15 years she has been learning how to prepare wild foods, make her own medicines and learning how to share this with others to empower them in living more sustainable lives. Laura is a guest instructor with a number of wilderness skills schools, and organizations. She lives on Wild Spirit Permaculture Homestead located near Dwight in northeast Muskoka. Here Laura lives with her husband and dog Marley, they grow vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, keep chickens and raise rabbits.

“As dreams are the healing songs from the wilderness of our unconscious - So wild animals, wild plants, wild landscapes are the healing dreams from the deep singing mind of the earth.”  

-Dale Pendell