Rave Reviews

 "Wild muskoka elderberry syrup keeps my family healthy during the flu season, transition season and throughout the winter. My daughter who is six loves the taste! If we feel a cold coming on we take a teaspoon intermittently throughout the day and we feel so much better the next day! It has become a staple in our "herbal pharmacy"."

~ Collette Lalonde


"Expand your culinary awareness, explore what nature has to offer and savour the tastes through Wild Muskoka Botanicals! A wide range of products to enhance your meals, beverages and health! Great tasting recipes conjured with care."

~Sandy Pedersen Inkster 


Wild Muskoka Botanicals has been an extraordinary addition to our supplier network. The Elderberry syrup is one of our top 10 selling products. The wild foraged spices, vinegars, bitters and cocktail shrubs are a continually growing category that customers find intriguing and exotic.  We anticipate nothing but growth, and...they are LOCAL. So good".

~Catherine Cole   The Great Vine